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M J Robic Trucking Co


MJ Robic uses OTR transport to get your product from where you have it, to where you need it to be. Knowledgeable, courteous, and responsible drivers complete our capability to provide your transportation needs. Tools go way beyond trucks. Our people are our most valuable tools. Our technology combined with our people and trucks enhance the tools we bring to bear for you and your needs. We listen, we evaluate, we make recommendations and course corrections when appropriate. All of our tools are at your disposal.

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Understanding what it takes for your business to flourish and grow, is what makes us special. We specialize in you. We analyze what your needs are and compare them to industry standards and state of the art equipment. We prepare plans to ensure we not only get your products to their destination on time, but we get them there safely and within a rate structure that maximizes your profit margin.

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Understanding the market in which you operate will allow us to streamline your cost while using technology and professionals to control your logistic requirement and maximize your profits. Understanding transit laws, local routes, and the expense of moving products over the road is what makes us special. We strive to understand your markets, so we can think like you do. We want your experience to motivate you to recommend us to your friends, not your competitors. We want to understand you, so we can specialize in you.

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